Remembering Together – Clackmannanshire Events

Date: 3rd December 2022

Remembering Together – Clackmannanshire Events

You are invited to come along to any one of the community sessions throughout Clackmannanshire this December.

We will discuss your thoughts on Covid, how it has affected your life and how you wish to remember and celebrate for our county.

The resulting discussions will help us all reflect and shape what we all want out of an arts memorial or memorials for our communities here in Clackmannanshire.

Each session is free to attend, there will also be free hot drinks and cakes and step by step we will go through what this project really means to each of us and bring all our ideas together to co-create this project for Clackmannanshire.

If you do want to be involved, or wish to put your thoughts and ideas forward, but cannot attend any sessions please do email us.

Thank you,
The Team at Resonate Together

Co-creating Covid Community Memorials

The background to the project:

Collective acts of reflection, remembrance, hope and healing with communities across Scotland.

As we near the end of the second year of the Covid pandemic, Remembering Together has commissioned artists in all 32 local authority areas in Scotland to co-create with communities, honouring the people we have lost and finding the ways we want to remember them.

It is also about remembering all the ways Covid is affecting us. Offering a place to connect, to reflect and to create, Remembering Together is about creating together, being part of a process to commemorate those who have lost their lives, those who have experienced loss and change as well as celebrating the ways in which Scottish communities have come together during the most difficult times.

Remembering Together will continue through 2022 and into 2023, offering a space to come together with others to share and process what Covid has meant, and continues to mean for communities across the country.

What are we remembering?

Covid touches, and continues to affect, everyone in Scotland, and in the world. Coming together now and through 2022 and into 2023 gives us some space to pause, to reflect and to consider all that has happened and is still happening.

Remembering Together will support many ways of being together in and remembering these months and years; remembering those lost, remembering that we are all touched by this experience, remembering that for some who were experiencing inequality already, the impact is deeper.

This is also about remembering and reconnecting with each other in our isolation while remembering that Covid is not over yet – this is a time of continuing change. Remembering Together will also embody the ways in which communities continue to support one another.

What will we co-create?

Remembering Together might not result in the kinds of memorials we might expect, and they will be co-created as Covid continues to impact people across the country.

Artists will co-create with communities with support from local organisations and Greenspace Scotland. The commissioned artists will be committed to co-creation and collaboration, and they will work with people in the community to define what ‘memorial’ means for that specific place.

Some communities will want a place they can go, some will want a structure they can visit and to see their loved ones named.

Other communities may want to co-create music, movement, film, an online project, a series of events and gatherings or a travelling book. What people want and need may also change as we continue to live through and come to terms with Covid in Scotland.

Most important is that the program is relevant to communities, is aware of the wide range of experiences people are having, welcomes people to co-create safely and in a range of ways, and allows those involved to express honestly what this time means for them.

You can find the project website Here

We are all Remembering Together.

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