Community Programmes
Listening to our community, learning of the diverse needs and aspirations of all those involved in our Alloa #localglobal ecosystem and creating an environment of positive innovation – has led Resonate Together to test many activities, to work with the full diversity of our community and to see how best people themselves benefit from learning individually, together and in nature – we are all interconnected, so lets heal together and flourish.
The following five programmes are a modular system and have been created to house all of the activity tried and tested over the decade – and all are people led, barrier breaking and enable each one of us to flourish, connect and choose our own paths.

Frequency Four : ‘Human Connector’
Focused on internal capabilities around #mind #body #spirit and connecting with #nature and through the ‘design thinking’ process, this ‘active doing’ programme is focused on the whole-system individual person and is an ‘in the moment’ place based model. It expands on our many years of work within the Sensing field and supports personal leadership

#wellbeing #selfconfidence #sensing #personcentered #healing #neurodiverse

The Exchange : ‘Voice’

Developing a range of communications skills, through supported interactive activities, both face-to-face and digitally. How to find compassion in questioning differences, how to explore together the similarities and how to recognise and mutually agree the process of meaningful dialogue – building skills, confidence and positive linguistic experiences.

#humantogether #inclusive #appreciative #valued #connected

Alamhagh Ealantach – Artistic Alloa : ‘Agency’

Utilising the creative process to explore what matters, is valued, and to encourage ‘mistake making’. This programme is purpose driven through personal research to connect individuals to a deeper understanding of why they choose what they do and to investigate the implications of their choice. 

#autonomy #choice #beingme #creative #strength #experiment 

Arts Innovation Studio – Entrepreneurship and Innovation : ‘External Conditions’

Instigating the external conditions to enable a positive, connected network of support to help each individual to their chosen destination. In areas of multiple deprivation, it takes a deep determination to start a business, the courage and strength needed in the face of adversity is incredible – this programme has ‘willingness’ at its core. Together, we can.

#entrepreneur #innovation #positivity #willingness #aspiration

Co-Action – Positive Change : ‘Public Policy’

How do we take a pattern of upset, resentment and anger and turn it into a connected voice of community interest. This programme of Co-Action is purpose driven, working through the design thinking process and bringing people together around specific topics. Through researching, innovating relationship balancing, evidencing a collective approach, we can tackle local issues and instigate people led, policy change for the benefit of all.

#changemakers #policy #communityaction #coaction

The above five programmes each contain a range of modules which can be delivered to a specific group or department and around identified need. If you wish us to share our community experience and want to contract our team, please do get in touch to discuss.