Our People

“True belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to be who we are.” Brene Brown

Joining Resonate means you join an evolving, fun loving, agile, risk-taking, innovative, experimental, equalities driven, wildly creative, person centred and whole system, passionately sustainability focused diverse group of people whose core connection is the shared belief that building strong relationships will enable our community to flourish.

Each member of our Board and Team is faced with a non-hierarchical, transparent, and inclusive ‘learning shared’ system that is organic in its nature. The framework we utilise to enable this diversity of multiple projects to work, is a structure designed to stimulate discoveries through developing personal qualities and connections to others and the natural world. We create an environment to motivate those ‘magic moments’ of ‘what if’, pushing our boundaries, allowing ourselves to make mistakes but learning what actions truly benefit people and place is crucial for Our People.

The balance of heart and mind, the equal importance of both is a journey our people willing take and Resonate is stronger for it.

Photos of each current Board Member, Advisory Board Specialists and our Core Teamies due May 2023 – exciting times!

Governance Board Members : Trustee Directors

To ensure that the Resonate Together ‘ecosystem’ connects our community’s aspirations to the  complex world of legal responsibilities, health & safety, funding and the list continues, our voluntary Trustee Directors work strategically to bridge the local needs to external opportunities.

Advisory Board : Specialist 

This is a moment of gratitude… Our Advisory Board, individual specialists in their own fields, have offered support to our Alloa community through our whole-system approach. Thank you all for sharing the love! 

Volunteer Stewards : The Teams

Our structure of equality driven activity, ensures everyone can be included.  Behind every activity is a Team, and within every Team, there are 3 Stewards working together at the core. Our ‘Sociocracy’ model ensures we can all develop our leadership power! 

Supporting Volunteers : The Troopers!

A ‘Trooper’ is an essential Team Member, it is an informal way of volunteering and brings great energy to our events and festivals and much more!

Resonate Together