About Resonate Together

Resonate Together are here to:

Create the present: Construct inclusive environments while creating the supportive external conditions, to encourage ‘trust, kindness & value’ for people to connect within themselves, to others and to their locality.

Plan the future: Develop purposeful engagement projects to innovate collective, sustainable solutions for our local and global community.

Sustainability: To seek funding opportunities that enhance the activities of Resonate and ensure fundraising and income generation supports those activities and our core functions.

Deliver services to enable authentic ‘person centred’ outcomes: Flexible inclusive activities to enable everyone to explore their inner qualities, to connect with our natural world, to go beyond their own boundaries and to develop their abilities together with others in our local community, as a valued contributor in our global community.

Measure impact: Acknowledge, understand, learn with evaluation and identify outcomes, enabling individual and collective development for the benefit of our community and planet.

Sustain our community: Sector leading grassroots organisational model for healing and renewal, community empowered leadership, contributing to policy change.