Green Soul Trekkers

EVENT DATE: 21/04/2023 2:00 pm

Smell the forest, taste the sunshine!

Do you love the smell of the forest mud after the rain? Or maybe you prefer the wafting colours of the farmers fields as you walk buy. The wellbeing benefits of being outdoors are well known, and this walking club has been designed for you to enjoy the outdoors, to bring likeminded people together and to improve our own physical and mental wellbeing.

Green Soul Trekkers is a club for those who are excited about nature, like to explore and love finding new routes to trek!

At least once a month, our club will come together and we will be off! A new route each time, a safe group to walk with and plenty of chat. The distance is not the aim, the speed of walking is not the aim, but walking together and being immersed in our surroundings is spot on.

The next walk is Friday 21st of April starting at 2pm and leaving from the Carsebridge Cultural Campus. The club is free for all to take part, however, should you wish to join the Membership at Resonate Together, then the £12 a year is a great way to show your love for our community activities.

Each month the walk is on different days and times, as we aim to include as many people as possible. Given everyone’s hectic lives, we hope that a trek will appeal to you soon!