Website wonder!

Date: 1st September 2021

Website wonder!

Todays our website team came together for our weekly meeting and wow was it productive!

The opportunity to create a website has come to us just at the right time. Our funders, the Coalfields Regeneration Trust Scotland, have made it possible. So why the right time? For the first ten years of our Resonate Together journey, we were fully focused on action in our community which, as many of you will know, is much more than a full time job! So how do small community led organisations find the capacity to step back, analyse, reflect, consult community, develop the skills, get the training, become great journalists?

What we have learned is that creating an inclusive and equal environment is key for us all to bring our qualities, abilities and develop our skills together.

Today, we brought to the table our collective learning, our communities hopes and dreams and our organisations aspirations to our website meeting and Daniel Sweeney of Total Brand Ltd guided us onwards, wonderful!

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