Trust The Vibe!

Date: 9th September 2021

Trust The Vibe!

When interviewing, would you select a candidate based on their qualifications or on their compassion?

Earlier this year, Resonate Together went through the process of contracting three Artist to deliver our Potentia Collective program. We were genuinely inspired by the high number and quality of the applicants. While at the same time, we found the state of the Arts Sector heart-breaking. So many very talented people wanted to apply for a contract of just three hours work a week.

After multiple interviews and rounds of discussions, we decided to go with our instinct, we went with the ‘vibe’. This may not be a traditional approach, however, Resonate Together has always been far from traditional! So Artists, Kirstie Young, Charlotte Anker and Emily Paterson joined our project.

Three women, all so different in their art practice and their lives. However, at todays Potentia meeting, one shared aspect was very clear: their courageous willingness to support our diverse community to heal, recover and flourish through creativity. Great to be working with you ladies!

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