Transformational Change

Date: 7th September 2021

Transformational Change

Why do people volunteer their time in ‘broken communities’? Why not just move house?

Across the UK and beyond in thousands of communities, people volunteer. They offer their time, their skills and their energy to help their communities to transform.

I have often heard people say that volunteering is about giving something and receiving nothing, but how wrong they are. For over a decade I have volunteered in my community and my short answer to why is because of the inspiring people I meet.

A ‘broken community’ is a harsh phrase for places that often have very complex issues. Places that have multiple challenges and are very often not the ‘fault’ (as fault is often forced to find a home somewhere) of the people now living there. Read any newspaper and the constant stories of poverty, inequality, climate issues – and the list goes on – can make the most resilient of people start to question why they bother getting up in the morning.

I bother because I hear the positivity everyday and I know that we can create the flourishing communities we deserve!

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