The Kiltwalk 2022

Date: 17th August 2022

The Kiltwalk 2022


Resonate has been accepted as a charity by The Kiltwalk! – and so today there are already a few of us coming together (like crazy phoning around today has got the energy flowing!) to form a team to do the Edinburgh event on the 18th September – we are going to do The Big Stroll, starting at 10.30am – So! If anyone wishes to support the work of Resonate by doing the walk and getting sponsors, then we will pay for your entry fee, organise getting you to and from Clackmannanshire/Edinburgh and I will take enough food to sink a battleship! So jobs a good’un!

ALSO! The Hunter Foundation are giving each charity an extra 50% on top of what you raise – so if we raise £1.00 Resonate will get £1.50… brilliant! And as we are trying to save the old and gorgeous buildings at Carsebridge, well, we need every penny!

If you fancy joining the Team for the day, let me know!

And we are using the hashtag #StepsForHealing – for doing good stuff for our community, helps us all – The Kiltwalk is about walking (surprise!) and lots of the work we do is very much about enabling people to take the much needed steps to heal… so I am loving the # !

(We will definitely do Team t-shirts!…. and maybe funky hats? What do you think?)



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