The Art of Weaving Ivy

Date: 18th September 2021

The Art of Weaving Ivy

Walking through your local park, often involves letting go of ones ‘nagging’ thoughts and taking deep breaths to relax. But did you know there are also many ‘gifts’ within your park and here is just one we worked with today.

The metal railings were covered in Ivy, which had begun to sprawl and cross the walkway, causing a potential trip hazard. Working with locally based Artist, Lucy O’Higgins, our session participants gathered in the ivy, freeing the railings and clearing the grass path.

This was one outcome, but the best was yet to come! With the ivy we had all gathered, we then set about learning the many benefits of working with ivy, we started to bend and twist the lovely, strong ‘tentacles’ and we began to weave.

The end results were several beautiful baskets, gorgeous artworks and a very relaxed team of natures weavers!

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