Talking Textile Culture

Date: 6th September 2021

Talking Textile Culture

What is the ‘culture’ of Clackmannanshire?

Isolation is a complex, multi-layered condition of being alone that is often challenging to fully understand and can be very difficult for the individual to communicate.

Our Potentia Collective program works through a number of these complexities. Utilising several topics around ‘people and place’ as ‘hooks’ for the deeper discussion’s that are desperately needed to build trust, share kindness and enable the reconnections so many of us desire.

Textiles in Clackmannanshire was an industry that connected us to world but the many mills have long since gone. We asked our Potentia participants, ‘what is Clackmannanshire’s culture today?’ The question created a quiet. You could hear a pin drop. Then the first response from a participant was “well, it used to be textiles”.

So many communities have lost their industries. With this loss can come a disconnect from the people around us and the place we live in. Unless we move forwards, reimagine and redesign, how will we develop positive interconnections, building our resilience and strength as the proud community we carry in our hearts?

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