Shhhh! Intuitive walking ahead

Date: 4th September 2021

Shhhh! Intuitive walking ahead

Why is it many of us think talking is the only way to really communicate?

We love to be outdoors here at Resonate Together. One of the many beautiful activities in our glorious county of Clackmannanshire is walking through our countryside.

With the Ochil Hills in the background, Gartmorn Dam Country Park and Nature Reserve ahead, walking the gentle path between farmers fields and old woodland – aren’t we spoiled for choice! Who would think this is only an hour from the city centres of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee?! But shhh! Do we really want to tell the world about our beautiful wee county?

When walking in a group we love to chat and have a laugh, for the countryside infuses us with energy. But one of the things that truly helps our wellbeing is just to listen to the nature around us. To allow our other senses to explode into the void left when we stop talking for a few moments. Focusing on the breeze touching our faces, hearing the crunch of leaves beneath our feet, connecting to this moment and this place. This helps our belonging to intensify. What a magical, intuitive way to walk together.

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