Potent Potentia!

Date: 3rd September 2021

Potent Potentia!

The consistency of the nature around us truly does heal, if only we make the time to interact.

The culmination of a decade of listening, learning and experimenting was the foundation to our large community consultation in response to the Covid pandemic . The result is Potentia Collective – funded through the Creative Communities fund, from Inspiring Scotland.

The collective vulnerability that communities feel in response to the Covid pandemic is debilitating. As a societywe have been tested beyond a point we never considered would happen. Individually and as communities, we have been locked down resulting in a disconnect from one another. Well, hasn’t it made many of us reflect on what is truly important in our lives…

The Potentia Collective program starts with reconnecting with oneself, and supports the steps needed to reconnect with others. This deep, human need can not be underestimated. Through our program strength we seek to help us heal comes from nature. For we ‘breath in’ the energy, we touch, feel and sense the life around us. We connect with our inner passion to nurture.

One participant said “Having lost a a loved one, my anxiety controlled me. But through this project I feel I can breathe. I feel calm and I am beginning to find hope again”. If you want Resonate Together to deliver this program to your team, your organisation or to your clients, then use the contact form to ask for a quote and let us share this life changing experience.

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