People Power

Date: 5th February 2022

People Power

We greatly appreciate our helpers and volunteers as we transform the grounds into a spring oasis. Not long to go!

‘Cathy the Lopper’

Working with Cathy over the last year with our Potentia program has been inspiring. Cathy has such positive energy, and she helps everyone to find their creativity! Unless you are a tree with very over grown branches, then watch out! The loppers about!

Thank you Cathy!

‘Jim makes weeds history’

Isn’t it amazing when in the rain, with the cold wind blowing on a grey day, hearing the chatter and giggles of Jim clearing the weeds lifts your spirits. You cannot help but smile!

Thank you Jim!

‘Alexis metal toe cap mover & shaker’

Enthusiasm and determination to get the job done, wow you are a driving force Alexis! So wonderful to be working with you and sharing this journey.

Thank you Alexis

‘Lorna let’s get sorted, so I can sew’

Always helping in so many ways, and bringing copious cuppas of hot chocolate, looking after everyone

Can’t wait for the sewing room to be set up, ‘sew’ looking forward to you sewing soon!

Thank you Lorna!

‘Colin the SnowDrop Smiler’

Awww Colin, how do you manage to have a constant happiness to share with everyone? Your time and experiences in the RAF Police, (with your white hat) definitely helps you keep our team on its toes!!

Thank you Colin!

Let’s Make this Place a Dream Come True,

Resonate Together

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