In this moment, nature heals

Date: 18th September 2021

In this moment, nature heals

Can ‘being in the moment’ be shared or is it an individual pursuit?

Today, the weather is warm. A gentle breeze and autumn leaves beginning to turn welcomed a session of our Potentia Collective program to share in its bountiful crop of Ivy.

The process of making, of using ones hands to weave, to paint, or to carve has a rhythm that seems to calm most hectic minds. The language around the quieting ones mind is often about being alone and finding solitude. But is that the only way?

Today, in our session we sat weaving, sharing a moment of making together. We did not feel the need to speak. We were simply in this moment, in the sunshine, learning together. As I looked around at our group I felt at peace. I knew this moment would stay with me forever, not for the conversation, but because a group of people had chosen to come together for their love of nature. A moment of healing together.

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