Festival of Ideas

Date: 28th October 2022

Festival of Ideas

What is happening?
Festival of Ideas, The Carsebridge Community Buyout project!

Friday 4th November
in two drop-in sessions. The 1st is 10.30am till 12 noon and the 2nd session is 12.30pm till 2pm.

There will be refreshments available free of charge from 10.30am through the day till 2pm – we will also supply a yummy lunch and again, free of charge.

We value your time and want to share food with you, to say thank you for coming and being part of this event.

The success of the Stage 1 Scottish Land Fund award to Resonate Together means we have an Architect, Design Team and Community Consultants now working with us and simply put – they want to know from you, your ideas, thoughts, wants and needs for this site.

This is everyone’s opportunity to say what you would like to happen at this site for you, your friends and family.

Everyone is invited – all ages, backgrounds, everyone – so come, enjoy, stay a while, walk the grounds, have a cuppa and see what’s going on, get involved AND share your thoughts… because if we do, all, truly want successful community ‘owned and run’ projects, then we all need to share what we know we want and what will work in Clacks.

If you can’t make the date, there are other ways to get involved:
Email us or drop us a message on Facebook if you want to have a chat instead!

It is really, REALLY, important that we see how our ideas are being taken forwards – so we will be advertising a follow-up event on Friday the 18th November, when the Architect, Design Team and Community Consultants will be back to share how they have developed your ideas…. and we already have a list of over 500 ideas! But which to pick first!?!

Wee bit of history:
Many of our local community have come together asking Resonate Together to try and save the two remaining, usable buildings, on the old Carsebridge Distillery site – and get the site into community ownership – to create an asset to be proud of, for future generations.

This stage of the journey began back in 2020 – when Resonate Together were guided by our community to ‘save local heritage’ and create a community home that we all would love.

In partnership with the Carsebridge site owners, Advance Construction Land Regeneration Ltd we have all been working so hard to get this disused site, back up and working – so come have a nosy round and see how far we have got!

Looking forward to seeing you,

Resonate Together

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