Community Action

Date: 19th February 2022

Community Action

Incredible support from Mary & Steve, who have donated a van load full of gorgeous furniture to our Resonate Family

Steve, Mary, thank you both so much for your kindness and support in helping bring life to Ochil House and Harvey House at Carsebridge!

We will set out your donations soon and send you a photo!

And even your neighbours, Brian and Mia the doggy donated too!

Thank you!

Here we have a new gift from Mary and Steve

Combined with a hand crocheted cushion by Corrie from a few years ago, then more years back a recycled textile cottage made by Nicola, and finally two of the owls created by Woolley Wednesday group for an installation placed at Gartmorn Dam years back, for its big anniversary!

Nearly 12 years in memories, all brought together here, in Harvey House in Alloa!

Remembering is important, memories are meaningful and our actions together are what makes us human.

People belong together,

Resonate Together Team

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