Christmas Wishes

Date: 24th December 2022

Christmas Wishes

On the 6th of December we had a lovely Christmas Tree decorating morning at Carsebridge

Wonderful time spent with Barbara, Philip, Gregor, Jan, Margaret, Fiona, Cathy, Alexis, Heather, Bill and thank you to the many people who have donated trees, lights, and all things Christmassy.

And Today…

It’s Christmas Eve, so many local people will be excited about tomorrow and opening presents from under the tree. While others will be challenged by the current cost of living crisis, by their difficult mental health from the recent stressful years or by loneliness… our community is such a huge mix of different lives, living in different ways…

So tomorrow, whether you capture a moment of a loved ones smiles, or see a robin from your window, we wish you courage, good health and happiness for Christmas Day and all days.

Thinking of you x

Team Resonate

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