Celebrating Carsebridge History

Date: 21st April 2022

Celebrating Carsebridge History

What a wonderful visit this week!
Recently Bobby Graham got in touch – he worked at the Carsebridge site – we asked him to come for a chat and he brought Davy with him. And what a fantastic treat it was!

Hearing so many stories from Bobby and Davy, their site and colleagues knowledge was amazing!

Sending a huge thank you for your time boys and looking forward to getting all Carsebridge workers together! Along with Charlie, Hugh, Sandy, Diane and… well the list is getting longer by the day! And if you have been in touch with our team, we are working hard to catch up with all replies. 

We know people want a celebration of the hundreds of years of industry on that site; people want a Whisky museum; people want to hear the workers stories and see the photos of what was there/what people did… it’s an exciting time!

So much to organise, to research, and celebrate… from our Alloa site we touched all corners of the world!

Photo from the Canmore website.

An Earlier Editorial

Earlier in the month we shared the great news of an editorial published in our local newspaper!

Thank you so much Sandy, Diana and Charlie (not forgetting wife Grace!) who have all been sharing their Carsebridge Distillery stories with us at Resonate Together and thank you to Rajmund for writing a lovely editorial. Many more wonderful stories to come!

And if you know of anyone that worked at this site in Alloa or you had family that did… then do get in touch with us!


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