A lot of Volunteering

Date: 15th March 2022

A lot of Volunteering

Here is the start of the blossom season at the old Carsebridge whisky site in Alloa. A sign spring is in the air!

With determination, our community is aiming to save this site and create a sustainable community campus!

So, have you ever experienced that moment with a group of people when you don’t have to speak? When you are all focused on an action, you gel together, ‘flow’ together. You just get stuck in and become part of a team?

Well, today was that day and did we get a huge amount of work done today? Oh yeah!!

To aid the plumbing repairs in the Ochil House, which is on the buildings at risk register, we lifted hundreds of carpet tiles, metre upon metre of carpet and underlay then decades of linoleum and then masses of sheet board.

It just seemed to go on and on! But at last, back to the original floor boards we went we also repaired walls, ready for reinstating sinks, we found floor hatches no one knew existed and the discoveries went on!!

So let’s say a huge thank you to the volunteer team of today: Colin, Lainie, Jennifer, Cathy, Jimbo, Cameron, and also extra support from the team at AAA Waste Solutions, Adam, Sandy and Colin… Amazing!!

Rest tonight folks, for we surge on again tomorrow!!

…And if you have DIY skills, or just want to lend a hand to save the site for our community, then get in touch – our volunteer team program launches soon!

Yes my hands hurt. Yes my knees ache but wow, do I feel so proud of what we achieved together today… and yes, I will sleep tonight!!

If you want to join us here, to save Harvey House and to create a beautiful community campus for generations to enjoy – then keep an eye out!


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