The slowest website in the West!

Date: 3rd February 2021

The slowest website in the West!

Incredibly good news! Our oldest funding partner the Coalfields Regeneration Trust of Scotland has put their trust in us again and we have won an award to create our first website!

CRT is the only organisation dedicated to supporting the UK’s former mining communities. Here in Scotland, CRT have a dedicated Training & Enterprise Hub and an inspiring Team that are based in Kincardine, Fife. Working with Resonate Together from our early days, CRT have a deep understanding of the challenges within local ex-mining communities and how and when to offer support.

Resonate Together have had a journey of discovery and it has taken a long time to fully understand who we are and why our whole-system approach has been difficult to brand!

“When you are something different to everyone, one ‘strapline’ just does not cut it… some think we are an Arts Group, others label us Wellbeing, then there are those who having been through years of self-development with us know that we are also a route to employment” added Team volunteer, Colin Partington.

2021 will see Resonate Togethers first active website, at last!

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