The frequency of place

Date: 8th July 2021

The frequency of place

What is the word that best describes the ‘space’, or the ‘energy within a room’ or the ‘positive vibe’ within a place? Resonate Together create an ‘atmosphere’ for building trust, sharing authentic kindness and for connection, but have tried for years to give this ‘process’ a name.

Resonate Together, through Angela Watt, has been invited to join who have brought together more than 100 people from around the world to create workgroups, develop new tools, insights and approaches to problem solving and enable delivery of the UN’s global sustainable development goals for health, education and equitable prosperity to be realised.

Working with Dr Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith, Bill McKenna, Clare Palgrave, Graham Hart and Damian Costello, Resonate Together are learning from this vast collective experience, how other cultures, global religions, and diverse communities all respond to the ‘frequency of place’.

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