Sustainable Happiness, what is that?!

Date: 23rd August 2021

Sustainable Happiness, what is that?!

Today welcomed the start for Angela of an intensive two-week program delivered by Chris Adam, Sustainability Director, Dawson College, Montreal and Dr. Catherine O’Brien, Founder of SustainableHappiness.World.

Definition: ‘Sustainable Happiness is happiness that contributes to individuals, community or global well-being and does not exploit other people, the natural environment or future generations’, Dr Catherine O’Brien. Working in a global group of 14 people, this certificated program utilises a Journal created and designed along with Sean O’Brien Murray, to enable the individual to reflect on a wide range of themes including wellbeing, creativity and sustainability.

“This process of connection to self, others and the natural world is core to encouraging the behavioural change we all need to see in our communities for our planet and future generations to not only survive, but to thrive… this should be taught in every school in every country” added Angela Watt.

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