From Paris to COP26

Date: 13th September 2021

From Paris to COP26

Announcement: Angela Watt has been invited to speak at the United Nations House Scotland – From Paris to COP26 – Closing Event in Aberdeen, this October – Link:

‘From Paris to COP26’ signatory event opens September 28th and runs through the following month focusing on Travel, Economics, Construction Industry, Farming-Fisheries-Forestry, Renewable Energy, Wellbeing and Retail Consumption, with eminent speakers contributing to all subjects, the climate challenges and offering potential solutions.

The purpose of this UN House Scotland initiative is to create synergy and build on the agreement of worlds leaders, and to identify and disseminate helpful toolkits and guides for implementation, while developing connections across communities to achieve the goal.

Working with Dr. Dorothea Christiana FRSA, Director of Strategic Development, UN House Scotland; Nigel Dower, UNAS Chair of the Aberdeen Branch and Joe Ochei, UNAS Treasurer of the Aberdeen Branch – Angela has been asked to share her learning and experience of, ’Behavioural Change, Community Leadership’.

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