Collaboration is fun!

Date: 21st October 2021

Collaboration is fun!

EVENT DATE: 21/10/2021 12:00 pm

We like to have fun! Genuine connection, purpose driven activity and in an environment of positive willingness to collaborate, brings our team that warm fuzzy feeling, it is something that Resonate Together hugely enjoys.

When we lost our venue, being homeless for the first time in our history, well, we really had to dig deep, be agile and creative and focus on the deeply important aspect of our work, ‘humanness’ – people and connecting people together.

The local church of the Latter-day Saints in Alloa offered Resonate a large room to be able to run our Potentia Collective project to bring people together. Over the years, when we have been involved in helping homeless people and young single parents move in to a new home – help with furniture, van collections from across our community of bedding, painting the walls and cleaning – all done by community for community at the cost of the community – we have often come across church members, from different denominations, helping out too. The person focused church work is often not shared widely, but it goes on in many communities and is essential grassroots work. Well, the Latter-day Saints stepped in when we needed a room, and we wanted to show our gratitude for their kindness – so several of our team came along to their Remembrance Day preparations – for their church members had created a huge art installation, with hundred and hundreds of hand knitted and sewn Poppies – it was incredible work!

The weight of the rolled poppy net was very heavy, and everyone involved was certainly needed and valued, it was a wonderful day – so here is to working together, to the millions of hours of unseen volunteering in communities that makes things happen!

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