The Flip Flop Serenity Club

EVENT DATE: 27/04/2023 12:30 pm

Healthy me? Let’s get real!

Many of us are overweight, many of us feel deeply fed up with being overweight and yet, the vicious circle of self criticism and self doubt are wonderful at helping us maintain (and increase!) our weight.

So let’s get real about our health.

Quote: “I have tried everything, the celery diet, the ten thousand steps, the holding my breath so I can’t eat (apparently a joke – thank goodness! – and not to be tried…) and yet I seem, year after year to add on at least a few more pounds…”

Many of us have a story of how we tried and failed with a diet plan or joining a gym or… and the list goes on. Our own voices repeat these ‘failures’ and increase our self disappointment to the point it affects every aspect in our lives. Have you ever said no to a party invite, because you don’t have an outfit that fits you?

Flip Flop – in the club title start the process of being real. For some days we can make good steps to be healthier, but other days, they can knock you flat, and we need to accept this process is not ‘make or break’, it can never be 100% also on track, so let’s get real with our own voices, our own actions and our collective psychology.

Serenity – in the title, highlights that external conditions really impact our own energy. The state of being untroubled helps us feel calm and at peace, so let us see if together, we can start to eek out a little of this in our lives. For we know stress adds to our challenges around weight.

This club is being offered to all as a free club to attend, for we know that for Alloa to flourish as a resilient community, we need good health. So come, join in and let us try an honest approach to our own wellbeing.

The club will be every Thursday staring at 12.30 for an hour. We look forward to flip-flopping with you!