Site Specific Art

EVENT DATE: 26/04/2023 6:00 pm

Location : Installation : Land : Urban

This art practice can be said to be ‘half art – half world’. Meaning, a site specific art work is designed for a specific location. So if removed from that location, it loses all or a substantial part of its meaning.

It can be a challenge to create specific location led art works and many artists approach this from different angles. Some consider the history of the location, others the existing materials there, whether a sandy beach, a green field or an office block. Some consider the climate impact, or emotion within or the fun of a place.

It is sometimes a journey of research, reflection, consideration and brings different people to the arts; for much is about ‘place’ and ‘being’, having the ability to see the world around you and create your visual story to intertwine.

Starting on Wednesday 26th April at 6pm, this club will run weekly. The cost is £5 and some materials will be provided initially – with participants bringing materials as their works develop in which direction they choose.

The initial location will be a dedicated large space within Harvey House, at Carsebridge, so it will give us much to consider.

This club is for all abilities as full support will be given, so everyone welcome. Working with participants, the aim of a Site Specific Exhibition later in the year, will be discussed. So come along and lets see where this location driven journey take us.