EVENT DATE: 26/04/2023 3:30 pm

The third dimension

Should we start by explaining what sculpture is? Well that in itself is not an easy question, for although most of us understand it to be a 3D art work, we may all have different ideas about the materials that are involved, or the sizes, shapes, constructions of sculpture and whether any of that is actually needed!

Sculpture is the most incredibly inspiring way to create a visual conversation or statement, (but Angela says she may be bias, being a sculptor!) and the creating process can energise every aspect of your being!

Being able to use all different materials, from traditional like clay, through to contemporary like found objects, gives us a great starting palette.

Then we can build, or construct, or create of do something very different – we have so many choices when making sculpture, that all barriers seem to melt away and we can express ourselves in multiple ways.

Wellbeing – building with out hands, creating with our minds and achieving a result is a deeply satisfying process. It increases our wellbeing, we develop our confidence and we discover inner qualities we never know we had. Another important aspect of this, and all clubs run by Resonate Together, is the social aspect. Some people like to be involved and listen, others like to be involved and chat away – but throughout all our different needs, we are all learning together, sharing in the kind and supportive atmosphere and we are constantly being inspired, a wonderful uplifting experience.

Starting on Wednesday 26th April at 3.30pm, this club will run weekly. The cost is £5 and some materials will be provided initially – with participants bringing materials as their works develop in which direction they choose.

This club is for all abilities as full support will be given, so everyone welcome. Working with participants, the aim of a Sculpture Exhibition later this year will be discussed. So come along and lets see where this exciting journey take us.