Darts Club – on the Oche!

EVENT DATE: 19/04/2023 10:00 am

A fun stress relief.

Darts has many health benefits, is a very low priced activity so accessible to many and is great for socialising, so here at Resonate Together we are excited to launch our darts club!

Darts is a precision sport (yes, sport!). It develops your hand eye coordination and darts helps your strength and balancing too. Another benefit is developing mental strength, for when the pressure is on, the hands may be sweating and nerves a jingling, than every ounce of ‘mind over matter’ is required.

The game target, the board sections and each dart that hits its mark, all bring maths into play. So this game is great at helping with adding and subtraction, keeping the mind active and working hard.

In addition to improving concentration, to developing self esteem, relieving stress, darts is fun! The socialising aspect around darts is good humoured, so come along and join the activities every Wednesday morning starting at 10am. The sessions are £3 and we have the boards and darts to get you started.