Contemporary Art Club

EVENT DATE: 19/04/2023 1:00 pm

Culture : Identity : Today

Let us unpick what Contemporary Art is and why we believe this club has been asked for by so many local people, many who are not artists themselves.

There are three main points which define Contemporary Art: It is the art of today, in current times, a visual voice of now; Art that provides opportunities to reflect on our society, the issues or values that are important; It breaks through the barriers of what is traditionally considered art, it has attitude.

So, let us start with the Art: We are surrounded by words. On the internet, on social media, posters in the street, everywhere. Millions of these words speak of the challenges of todays world, it becomes overwhelming and we can become numb to the messages. Producing an art work, that visually challenges, let us say, people starving in our modern world, can be hugely hard hitting. It gains a response within us and our society that the many thousands of words on this subject have not achieved.

Now, let us see the ‘More than Art’: Firstly, this is not just for Artists. Anyone, who wants to create, who has something to say and to share can make contemporary art. It is a process that enables us to voice our thoughts, visualise our concerns and communicate with others in different ways. Quote: “I love contemporary art making! I feel I use the materials, create something out of nothing and off load my angst! I feel a sense of accomplishment and I feel much calmer, what is not to like?!”

Starting on Wednesday 19th April at 1pm, this club will run weekly. The cost is £5 and some materials will be provided initially – with participants bringing materials as their works develop in which direction they choose.

This club is for all abilities as full support will be given, so everyone welcome. Working with participants, the aim of a Contemporary Exhibition later this year will be discussed. So come along and lets see where this journey take us.